Part One  Ervin Bond 1983 Oral History Recording about the Slaughter Ranch    -about 30 minutes

Part Two  Ervin Bond 1983 Oral History Recording about the Slaughter Ranch

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Photo of Krentz Ranch 1907 on page 31

Ranch Life, the Border Country 1880-1940 The Way It Really Was 

The Cochise Quarterly Vol 12 No. 1 1982


Congratulations to Janolyn Lo Vecchio !  Her article, Jesse Bevan:  From Boarding House to State House, published in the Fall/Winter 2008  Cochise County Historical Journal won 2nd place for this year's Coke Wood award.  The prestigious Coke Wood award is given annually by Westerners International.  She will be accepting her award at the Western History Association Conference October 7-10, 2009, in Denver.  In honor of her award, CCHS is making available a PDF file of the complete F/W 2008 Journal here:    
Fall/Winter 2008 Cochise County Historical Journal

Many Arizonans were against joint statehood with New Mexico.  This photo, taken in Douglas, Arizona, in 1906, depicts the sentiments of the times.  Carried in the hearse is a sign which says, "Joint -Statehood".  A successful measure on the territorial ballot that year expressed the desire for Arizona to be its own state, leading some to believe the joint statehood movement was dead.
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